The last Saturday in March saw the Morristown Marine Trail come to Norris Lake. Over 500 anglers gathered at Lonas Young Park to take part in this annual event. Though the fog delayed the start of the event the fishermen eventually blasted off when conditions were deemed safe by officials.

The event has a huge economic impact on the area. Many of the people participating in the event are not local. These people who travel here stay in local motels and eat at local eateries. It also exposes them to the general beauty of our area and brings many of them back throughout the year.

The event saw a huge pay out as $47,835 in prizes were awarded. $10,000 of that went to the local men who won the event.

Keith McDeerman(Jacksboro, TN) and Von Dilbeck(Corbin, KY) had a 5 bag limit with 17.25 lbs. They took home 1st place of $10,000.00 in addition to Morristown Marine Skeeter Megabucks $5000.00, Highest Finishing Lowrance $500.00 and Highest Finishing Gray Nationwide $250.00 for a total of $15,750.00.

2nd Place went to Burton Bryan (Sevierville, TN) and Willie Bryan (Sevierville, TN) with 16.69 lbs. and a check for $3500.00 in addition to 2nd place Morristown Marine Skeeter Megabucks for $2250.00, 2nd Highest Finishing Lowrance $500.00, and Enigma Fishing Rods Bonus of $200.00 for a total of $6450.00.

3rd place went to Rodney Cochran (Tazewell, TN) and Mike Jackson (New Tazewell, TN) with 15.40 lbs. and a check for $2500.00, they also received 3rd place Morristown Marine Megabucks for $1750.00 for a total of $4250.00.

4th place was Kevin McKamey (Clinton, TN) and Chris Bullock (Rocky Top, TN) with 15.32 lbs. and a check for $1500.00. They also had 4th Highest Finishing Skeeter/Yamaha for an additional $1000.00 for a total winning of $2500.00.

Finishing out the top 5 was Randy Heatherly (Jacksboro, TN) and John Carroll (Lafollette, TN) with 15.16 lbs. and a check for $1,000.00.
They also had 5th Highest Finishing Skeeter $750 and 2nd Highest Finishing Gray Nationwide $250.00 for a total winning of $2000.00.

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