On the evening of June 7th Mr. Harold Escalante called 911 and notified the dispatcher of an assault that had occurred. According to the report Escalante stated that Dakota Lovins had pointed a pistol at his chest and pulled the trigger, the gun failed to discharge. He told the dispatcher that that a pair of males and a pair of females had left the scene and had gone down the road to another residence. Upon being dispatched to the scene Deputy Eddie Barton realized he knew the resident as Mr. Jerry Marlow.

Barton, along with a multitude of deputies and Jellico Police Department Officers, arrived on scene they ordered everyone to exit the house. They detained Lovins, Daniel Marlow, and Leanna Reid for safety purposes and obtained permission to search the house for the reported firearm. Lovons told the officers that the firearm in question was in the bathroom. The officers cleared the residence an recovered a pair of handguns, including one that Escalante identified as the one used to assault him.

After taking statements from all parties involved Deputy Barton took Lovins in to custody and charged him with aggravated assault. Lovins was transported to the county jail.