Included is the video the statement is in reference to.

Last evening, I became aware of the arrest of Mr. Jones and the video taken of that arrest.
At that time, I reviewed the video made by a passer- by and spoke with the arresting officer.
According to that officer, we received a call on Mr. Jones concerning his behavior. When approaching Mr. Jones, he became combative his aggression continued toward the officer and the officer effected the arrest. During that arrest, Mr. Jones was taken to the ground and cuffed.
The video of the passer by showed that cuffing procedure. However, the passerby also included his version of the incident in audio. In the video the passerby said Mr. Jones was hit and kicked. The video did not display that.
With that said, we will be looking further into the incident. Based on those findings then we will determine our course of action. If we find the officer violated policy or procedure, we will address it. However, if it is found the officer acted appropriately, then we will back that officer.
Please know that like any other person charged with a crime, Mr. Jones is afforded a court day. We will be interested to see those findings.

Chief Bill Roehl