Over the weekend Deputy Justin Crabtree was dispatched to remove a subject, Patrick Matlock, from 172 College Hill Road. Upon arrival Crabtree saw Matlock slam the door to the residence and heard a woman’s screams from inside. When the woman opened the door she told deputy Crabtree that Matlock was fleeing the home via a back side window.

Deputy Crabtree ordered Matlock to stop. An order that Matlock refused to comply with. Crabtree eventually chased down and subdued Matlock. A search discovered unidentified pills and what is reported to be marijuana. Matlock was placed into custody and booked into the Campbell County Jail for the 24th time.

Matlock, of 100 West Hill Street in LaFollette, is charged with possession of a schedule VI controlled substance, possession of a schedule V controlled substance, resisting arrest and evading arrest.