A statement from County Mayor E.L. Morton:

In Campbell County Tennessee. I call on all Citizens to recommit to the Tennessee Pledge, wear masks and take the Covid-19 vaccine in accordance with the distribution plan provided through our Health Department and in the attached images.

I urge everyone to eliminate gatherings outside the home on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and throughout 2021 until we defeat Covid-19.

I thank everyone for their efforts thus far and call on you to continue your efforts until we win this fight. God Bless you all.

The vaccine schedule is generally as follows (see attached):

December- Inpatient and other high exposure Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Long Term Care Resident and Workers, Over 18 but unable to live alone

January- Citizens 75 and older, All other Healthcare Workers, Funeral and Mortuary Workers

Feb/March- Citizens 65 and older, School and Childcare Staff, First Responder Administrators

March/April- 16 yrs and older with Co-morbidities

April/May/June- 55 years and older, Critical Infrastructure Workers

June/July/Aug- 45 years and older, Congregate Living Residents. Grocery Workers and Corrections residents

August and Beyond- 35 years and older

After August TBD- 25 years and older

After August TBD- 16 years and older