Middlesboro Independent School District has announced the results of a vote taken at a special called meeting of the school board to decide on a reopening plan.
The board has decided on a “rotational hybrid” reopening plan that will see schools at well under capacity by having one group of students attend Monday and Tuesday, while the other group attends Thursday and Friday. The other 3 days of the week will see students using virtual learning through Google classroom or Blackboard/Apex with teacher access.
Students will be required to wear a mask any time they cannot adequately practice social distancing.
Students will also be offered a full virtual learning program from pre-school through 12th grade for those families who don’t wish for their child to risk going to school at all.
Signup information is on the Middlesboro School’s social media pages and the board asks that signups be completed by Friday, July 24th. If, for some reason you are not able to complete the forms a teacher from the assigned school will contact parents by July 31st.
Board Superintendent Wayne Allen said of the plan adopted, “we had released multiple scenarios to the public and received feedback from teachers and parents. After receiving much feedback, the board listened to your comments and re-evaluated the option of a rotational schedule.”
Allen made sure to emphasize that the district planned to return to a traditional 5 day school week as soon as possible.
He further stated “On behalf of the board I want to sincerely thank our school community for your patience and support. As we return to the classroom it will involve the efforts of our entire community for our schools to be successful. I realize there may be some apprehension but together we must support our students, staff, and faculty as they make this transition back to the classroom.”
Superintendent Allen said parents could direct further questions to the principals who administrate their children’s school.