Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows what a heartbreaking loss it can be. But imagine being reunited with your lost pet years later. Sure it happens in movies and on the television but does it ever really happen?
As it turns out it really does. It did on the last day of July 2020 at the Adrian Baird Animal Shelter.

A Caryville woman had brought a stray but otherwise healthy looking adult cat into the shelter. As he was being processed to go out for adoption a standard search revealed a microchip. A 14 year old micro chip. Calls were made to the animal hospital that had implanted the chip and the previous owner’s phone number was given. As luck would have it the number had never been changed or disconnected. After a few minutes of convincing her it was legit she made the drive up to Campbell County.

It was clear that this was her cat the moment he started nuzzling her, as tears flowed throughout the shelter. She had just recently lost Milo’s sister so this was a particularly happy time. She also has another cat and dog that Milo once lived with that will also bring about another heartfelt reunion.
One person at the shelter made the statement, “these are the days that make all of the difficult days we have here worth it.

If you have not microchipped your pets this is a good illustration of why you should. Also if you are looking for a pet the shelter has no small amount of animals waiting for you to adopt them so you may brighten one another’s lives.