Deputy John Minor was dispatched to Catula Road on Monday in reference to a trespassing complaint. Hollie Minton, 33 of Duff, had previously been told if she was on the Catula Road property again she would be arrested for trespassing.

While in route to the complaint Deputy Minor passed the defendant on Highway 25W going the opposite direction. Deputy Minor observed that the windshield of the vehicle Minton was operating was busted in such a manner that it would obscure the driver’s line of sight. Minor also had prior knowledge that Minton’s driver’s license was revoked. Minor turned to pursue and activated his lights and siren.

As Minton was traveling well above the speed limit and passed an 18 wheeler Minor issued a BOLO (be on look out) for her.

Minton was eventually located by LaFollette Police at Tank Springs. When Minor arrived the report indicates that questioned Minton on why she fled. The report states that she replied that she did not see Deputy Minor. Minor informed her that was because she was traveling in excess of 90 MPH.

Minton was placed into custody and transported to the Campbell County Jail. She is charged with criminal trespassing, driving while revoked, evading arrest, and driver’s failure to exercise due care. This is her 21st booking into the county jail.