Morton poses with the Lady Cougars on the day of her retirement from teaching

Marsha Morton is known as many things. She is known as a teacher, a coach, a runner, and the person that taught many local folks to swim. She is about to get a new title and that is hall of famer. Morton is part of the 2019 class of the Knoxville Track and Field Club Hall Of Fame.

According to the statement issued by the KTC on her induction, “Marsha holds one of the premier running histories in the Knoxville Track Club. Marsha is without question one of the most prolific, durable KTC racers of the last twenty years. Marsha finished in the top-3 overall in more than 100 KTC races, winning nearly half of those outright. Today, she still holds nine Tennessee single-age state records in distances between one mile and the 30k.”

Her records are even more impressive than the release states. KTC has a yearly Grand Prix title which indicates how a runner did in all of their competitions year round. Morton has ten first place finishes, four second place finishes, and a third place finish between 1996 and 2012. She holds more of these Grand Prix titles than any other runner in the club’s history by a wide margin.

Morton recently retired as an educator with the Campbell County School System.