Travis Nelson

Recently Travis Nelson, 38 of 154 Leroy Day Lane LaFollette, was arrested at Bo’s Place after reportedly drunkenly disrupting the lunch of a pair of deputies and even telling them that he had “Jew babies in his belly”. On Monday and once again at Bo’s Place Nelson found himself in custody yet again.

A pair of deputies were dispatched to the Demory eatery in the early evening Monday where a woman claimed Nelson came in the establishment and told her, and anyone else that would listen, that someone was taking his money and that everyone was out to get him. This is when the victim claims things tookm a dangerous turn as Nelson pulled out a sharpened piece of wood and said, “I could stab myself in the neck but no I could just stab you in the face.” Then Nelson leaned in towards the victim. The victim told authorities that she feared Nelson would return and kill her. The deputies spoke with a pair of witnesses that confirmed these details.

Nelson was located shortly thereafter on Pecan Lane and submitted quietly into custody. He is now booked into the Campbell County Jail for the fourth time. He is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.