A peaceful lunch at Bo’s Place in Demory turned into quite a moment for a pair of deputies. As the officers were enjoying their lunch a man, later identified as 38 year old Travis Nelson of LaFollette, entered the establishment and purchased an Angry Orchard Apple Cider (a malt alcohol beverage).

Nelson then reportedly slammed a chair down at the table the deputies were eating at. Nelson, who according to the report smelled strongly of alcohol, then asked Deputy Joe Hopson, “if he were a Christian and if he liked Jews.” He further went on to tell Deputy Hopson that he “loved eating little Jew babies” and told him that he had “some Jew babies in his belly” Nelson then grabbed Deputy Hopson’s drink and poured his malt beverage into the cup and drank it.

Deputy Hopson escorted Nelson from the building where he continued his slurred and outrageous speech. As Nelson had been behaving in a disorderly manner inside the business and continued when escorted out Deputy Hopson placed him under arrest and transported him to the Campbell County Jail. Nelson was charged with Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. This is his third booking in Campbell County.