The comet Neowise, one of the brightest comets observed in the last 50 years, will reach it’s peak above the horizon tomorrow night. After that the comet will slowly descend lower and lower on the horizon line before fading out of sight.

The comet won’t return to near Earth for 6,800 years once it fades from the sky later this month into early next month. The comet is visible with the naked eye in very dark conditions with little light pollution and will look like a fuzzy star. The comet is clearly visible with common binoculars and you will be able to see its tail. The best time to see Neowise in East Tennessee is between 9:45-10:45 pm tomorrow night if weather conditions permit.
From NASA on how best to see Neowise.

“For those hoping to see Comet Neowise for themselves, here’s what to do:
Find a spot away from city lights with an unobstructed view of the sky.
Just after sunset, look below the Big Dipper in the northwest sky.

If you have them, bring binoculars or a small telescope to get the best views of this dazzling display.”