Campbell County Sheriff’s Office newest deputies got to work this past week. Last week the Sheriff’s Office announced the addition of five graduates of the Walter State Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy to the Patrol Division. This past Monday, deputies were given their assignments and are hard at work.

On July 13, 2020, Deputy Chance Pierce assisted Sergeant Joe Hopson at Community Health in Lafollette, TN in response to a possibly intoxicated female attempting to leave with a child in the car. Upon arrival, deputies found Alanna Chavis in her running car with a child in the back passenger seat. Ms. Chavis had slurred speech and glassy eyes. While addressing deputies, Ms. Chavis let her foot off her brake and allowed the car to start rolling backwards. After stopping the vehicle, Ms. Chavis admitted to deputies that she had been drinking. After continuing to show signs of intoxication, Ms. Chavis agreed to complete a field sobriety test. Ms. Chavis was unable to complete the field sobriety test satisfactorily and was taken into custody. Additional investigation found that Ms. Chavis had her 15 month old child in the car and had left her 5 month old child at a residence. Inside of the child’s diaper bag, deputies located an empty 200 ml bottle of vodka. Ms. Chavis told the deputies that she had consumed the vodka about an hour prior. Deputy Chance Pierce transported Ms. Chavis to the Campbell County Jail on charges of Driving Under the Influence and Child Abuse and Neglect. Ms. Chavis remains in the Campbell County Jail and is due in court on 07/23/2020.

On July 15, 2020, Deputy Joseph Weaver was dispatched to 736 Queener Rd in reference to a disturbance. Deputy Weaver arrived at the residence and upon making contact with Steven Blake Franklin, noticed blood on the floor and the sound of crying coming from an upstairs area. Deputy Weaver proceeded upstairs where he found the victim bleeding from her foot and with bruises along her upper and lower extremities. At this time, Franklin stated that the victim had cut her foot on a broken bottle and slipped, causing the bleeding and bruising on her body. However, the victim refuted the statement and stated that Mr. Franklin had been fighting with her since the night prior and had caused the injuries noted by Deputy Weaver. At this time, Deputy Weaver placed Mr. Franklin under arrest for Domestic Assault, and transported him to the Campbell County Jail. Mr. Franklin made bond on 07/16/2020 and is due in court on 07/23/2020.

On July 16, 2020, Deputy Cole West assisted Sergeant Travis Bostic at 160 Brooke Place Laneon a disturbance call. Upon arrival to the residence, the deputies could hear a thumping sound inside the apartment of Mark Andrew Buttacavoli. The deputies were able to observe living room area of the apartment was destroyed through the apartment window. After several attempts of knocking and announcing the presence of law enforcement, the apartment maintenance man unlocked and opened the door. The deputies witnessed an uncapped hypodermic needle in plain view in the doorway. Mr. Buttacavoli then appeared in the hallway and deputies entered the residence to detain the suspect. More hypodermic needles and a clear plastic baggy with a crystal like substance was located inside the residence and collected as evidence. Mr. Buttacavoli was placed under arrest for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Schedule II controlled substances and transported by Deputy Cole West to the Campbell County Jail. Mr. Buttacavoli remains in jail and is due in court on 07/23/2020.

On July 19, 2020, Deputy Hunter Creekmore was on routine patrol on General Carl W Steiner Hwy and observed a truck veering across both the center lane and right fog lane multiple times. Following this observation, Deputy Creekmore initiated a traffic stop and made contact with James Ryan Middleton. Upon making contact with the driver, Deputy Creekmore noticed the strong smell of what was believed to be alcohol being emitted from the vehicle. Upon questioning, Mr. Middleton stated that he had been to the Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville, TN where he had consumed five or six beers. Deputy Creekmore continued to smell the odor of alcohol from Mr. Middleton and requested Mr. Middleton perform a field sobriety test. After failing to complete the field sobriety test satisfactorily, Mr. Middleton told Deputy Creekmore that he was too intoxicated to be driving. Mr. Middleton was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence and Failure to Maintain Lane and transported the Campbell County Jail. Mr. Middleton made bond on 07/19/2020 and is due in court on 08/25/2020.