The gateway drug marijuana has legislative support for legalization on both sides of the aisle in Nashville. Representative Powers and Senator Yager oppose it’s legalization, as do I.

Tobacco being the illness creator that we now recognize it to be, marijuana is a much more destructive, addictive, hallucinogen and carcinogen.

Medical marijuana is legally produced today in an oral, medical form that causes no hallucination. Every medicinal advantage known to man is provided in this pill. Legalizing it as medicine in a smoked or any other form that causes hallucination, is a step toward legalizing recreational use. That is an unacceptable increase of safety and health risks for our children, families and schools and an unaffordable financial risk for taxpayers.

DUI offenses are showing alarming increases by opioid users. Medical marijuana in the forms proposed for legalization will increase available hallucinogens for the driving population in the same way opioids have in the last decade and more people are dying because of it on our roadways.

The Campbell County Commission and I are currently suing pharmaceutical distributors and manufacturers for damages, reduced prescription thresholds and future protections from out of control opioid sales and addiction in our Court system. General Jared Effler, our DA has additionally filed a similar suit. These are the next best steps to healing our county and our country from addiction to poisons disguised as medicine.

Legalizing new forms of medical marijuana is a deadly step in the same direction of opioid addiction, epidemic and financial ruin for our society. I urge you to oppose it in this and future legislative cycles at the local, state and federal levels.

For your information from a noted Vanderbilt University practicing Doctor and Medical School Teacher below:

E.L. Morton


Campbell County, TN