Deputy Billy White found himself in a dangerous situation when he arrived at 200 Smith Oakes Lane in Jacksboro on January 4th. The call came in that Brian Overton was in the residence and weilding a butcher knife. He was joined by deputies Mikey Comer and Dakota Williams. The deputies saw that the door was open and there was yelling coming from inside. The trio began clearing the residence. The witnesses they cleared told them that Overton was in a back room and was, “acting crazy and had cut them with a butcher knife.”

According to the report it was at this point when Overton emerged and told the deputies, “I am God, shoot me!” then Overton struck White with a closed fist in the deputy’s face. White ducked under the next swing and took Overton to the ground. White was trying to subdue Overton when the subject bit the deputy. After Overton refused to submit White disengaged him and deployed his taser in an attempt to once again subdue the subject. The taser proved ineffective against Overton.

Overton then went for White’s sidearm. As Overton grabbed the gun and tried to unholster it. WHite struck him in the face to attempt to gain control of Overton and get him away from the firearm. Williams also hit Overton with a shot from the taser as this was happening. This taser shot also was ineffective.

The deputies eventually got Overton subdued and in handcuffs. Once cuffed Overton began banging his head on the home’s baseboards. This was when LaFollette Police Officer Noah Riggs arrived on scene to assist. Overton kicked Riggs when he arrived. The officers then shackled Overton to further maintain effective control over him.

White noticed his hand was swollen from the bite wound and was checked out by EMS when they arrived on scene. White was advised that his hand was likely broken and that he needed to be further checked out at a hospital.

White and Overton then went to Tennova’s LaFollette Medical Center to be examined. X-rays showed that White’s hand was not broken and he was given antibiotics to treat the bite. Overton was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center to be cleared before being remanded to custody and transported to the Campbell County jail.