Meigs County is less than two hours south of Campbell County and was the epicenter of a pair of earthquakes in the early morning hours of December 12th. At roughly 4:15 AM an earthquake that registered 4.4 on the Richter Scale hit the area. Shortly thereafter a 3.3 magnitude aftershock hit. It was felt as far south as Atlanta and it was also felt in Campbell County,

The United States Geological Survey has had no reports of injuries due to the quake. The Tennessee Valley Authority tweeted out that all of their facilities were fine and suffered no ill effects from the quake, this includes the nearby Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor.

This quake was the strongest in East Tennessee in 45 years as a 4.7 magnitude quake hit Blount County in 1973. This is only the third quake of higher than 4 on record with the USGS.