Ok it has been a while since I have written an angry Pat’s Place so I guess I was due. Gonna go a head and warn you that this is not for the weak and it may make you mad. That is ok I do not fear the consequences of writing this and I actually encourage the powers that be to say something to me.

Yesterday, in what has to be one of the more baffling coaching moves of all time,Daniel Lasley was fired as boys and girls soccer coach at CCHS. The purported reason appears to be “too many complaints. Yes you read that right too many complaints. Gonna touch a few things here.

As I have stated on social media I am pretty plugged into the local sports world. I hear things. I have heard complaints about basketball, basketball parents are the worst by the way. The fact that there are people that complain about Coach Brad Honeycutt baffle me as he is having success on a high level. I hear complaints about baseball, about softball, I have even heard complaints about football. The one sport I have heard no complaints about is soccer, I am not saying there were not any but they certainly were not vocal like the above mentioned.

What is worse is that people actually listen to such complaints. I can understand if the complaints are about a coach getting physically abusive but I can not imagine this is the case. I have a feeling it is some weakling parent who sees their child as the next superstar but has no idea how things actually go in practice.

But here is my more important issue. It is that you have attacked a good friend of mine. I have known Daniel Lasley since high school. We coached together at Jacksboro Middle School. He is someone I consider life long friend. You can take my bias in these next several words as you want, I do not care if you get butt hurt about it so be it this is an opinion piece.

Daniel Lasley is what is good and right in the coaching world. I have seen him coach on all levels and he always goes about it the same way. He starts with a base of fundamentals that he teaches about what ever sport he happens to be coaching. If you do not have fundamentals then you will eventually fail as a coach because you have not prepared your players with the most basic knowledge. I have seen him do this in every sport on every level.

He works with all of his players to improve them, not just his starters. I saw this when we coached together and it apparently rings true today as recently graduated Cougar soccer player Kyler Monday pointed out on Twitter about his own experience under Coach Lasley.

I also know Coach Lasley off the field and have seen him be a good influence and positive light to his players in that aspect. I know that he has opened up his heart and home to many players in need and that is a rare trait these days.

Basically all that was done by firing Coach Lasley was hurting a good man and the kids he coached. I feel it was a stupid decision by the powers that be. I actively encourage you all to call both Campbell County High School and the Central Office and complain.

Also I welcome anyone who wants to debate this in a civil manner with me. But also understand I welcome confrontation as well and I will not back down on this. You hurt kids, you hurt a good man, and most importantly to me you hurt my friend. Come at me.