Times readers in the perfect world I would be writing about tonight being the prologue to Cougar Football as our boys in Blue and Orange will be playing in the jamboree at Neyland Stadium. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world.

When I got home from the LaFollette Middle School jamboree I was floored when I opened Facebook. The LaFollette Church of Christ was requesting prayer for the family of Cougar Head Coach Justin Price. His youngest son, Jack, had been diagnosed with leukemia. This hurt to my very soul as there are no better folks I know than Justin, his wife Tracy, and their collection of tiny blonde children.

In my job and as Voice of the Cougars I interact with Justin more than any other coach in any sport on the county. I have known him for far longer than that. Now I do not even know what to say to him when I next see him and I am rarely at a loss for words.

Cougar Nation, Times readers, my friends and family throughout the land and the world wide web I want to ask you to rally behind this precious family. Whatever your religious persuasion, personal philosophy, and general beliefs are let us tell Justin Price and his family what they mean to us. If you are the prayer warrior that I know many of you reading this are lift Jack Price up. If you are of a different religious or spiritual persuasion do what ever it is you do when you wish the best for someone.

Cougar Nation let us rise up and dedicate this season to young Jack Price. Get out there and cheer this team, this staff and this coach on to new heights. Justin Price has given so much of himself to our team and more importantly our community. Though I know he would tell you, me, or anyone that we owe him nothing for what he is done this is because he is humble and one of the true good guys of the world. As Cougar fans we owe him a great debt as he has truly brought us joy over the past decade. Now let us shower him with our love and support like never before.

As always, I love each and every one of you people.