I do not do these on the regular website much anymore. I try to reserve Pat’s Place for the preview because I honestly feel you probably do not want or need my opinion more than monthly. This is the exception.

Last Friday was the 2019 Basketball Homecoming in the John RW Brown Gymnasium. The Lady Cougars put up maybe their most dominating game of the season, definitely their most dominating home game, against the hapless Lady Beavers of Karns. The boys, who have struggled this season, put up their most fiery home performance as well and the Beavers of Karns returned to Solway no doubt feeling like they had been in a fight and that they were lucky time ran out.

In fact Spencer Boshears finally may have stepped out of his sister’s impressive shadow as he had 32 points in the game. Spencer may have led the team in scoring but the entire Cougar team put up an impressive fight against the Beavers.

But to me the real story was the crowd, yes I know homecoming always draws a big crowd, that was the biggest I remember at a basketball game in recent memory. This crowd was HOT. I was so happy to hear how loud they got in response to the Cougars taking the battle to the Beavers. The student section reminded me of the late 80’s and early 90’s when no opposing team looked forward to stepping onto the campus of CCHS. It was a night that saw Mr. Spirit Ethan Schroeder show why he earned that award earlier in the night as he led the Cougar Crazies into their most impressive night of the season.

Folks there is no reason we can not do this every game. The gym seems pitiful most of the time as someone who was at CCHS at it’s height of rowdy basketball fandom. Our Lady Cougars are great and stand on the verge of being legendary. Despite being snubbed by PrepXtra’s Top Ten, who included a Webb team with a losing record, they are ranked where it counts and that is in the state Associated Press Top Ten. They are 19-2 and likely should be undefeated going into their rubber match with Morristown West to end the regular season. This team is special.

But the boys team deserves this support as well. Yes they have yet to win a game at home and only hold one win on the season. But this is a young team that is fighting hard every game and do not have an ounce of quit in them. In the next couple of years when these young athletes mature and have multiple seasons of starting under their belt they will be the ones terrorizing the district. Nobody is going to out work Coach Cox and it shows in his team’s efforts.

Folks jump onto this train now!