The Lady Cougars are in a win or go home game Friday against one of the three teams that were able to defeat them on the court this season, The Lady Admirals of Farragut. This team has one of the best chances I have ever seen to return the Lady Cougars to the TSSAA State Title Tournament in Murfreesboro. The last time we were there Jill Cox was a senior. Her daughter Cora Browning is now a freshman.

Now it is time for us to step up and help put the Lady Cougars over the top the only way we as a community can. It is time to pack out the John R.W. Brown Gymnasium like it was 1991 again. We came pretty close against AC at homecoming. But I want to see those bleachers packed to capacity, I want it to be so loud I ahve to crank up the PA to be heard, and I want it to be tropical from the body heat. I want the US Geological Survey to feel us on the Richter Scale.

Some of the regional games I have been to in the past have had pathetic attendance and that bothers me. Why the apathy? These athletes work hard all year to attempt to achieve athletic excellence. They do this while working hard academically as well. This is one of the last times they will play in the Brown even if they win. So let’s remind them we are proud of how they represent our county.

Now I know we can count on the Cougar Crazies to be there. Colonel Parker has quite the army under his tutelage. These rowdy fans can rock a gym. But I am calling out the older fans. My generation. We made the Brown the most feared destination in the district for many years. Of course we moved on, many of you raised families, started careers and left our glory days behind.

But now my challenge to you is this. Come home to the Brown one more time. Get loud. Get rowdy. Be 16 again. I know there is some awful country song that says something along the lines of I ain’t as good as I once was but once I can be as good as I ever was or something similar (they play it at Burger King all the time so I know I am not imagining it). This is our time to do this one more time.