As concerns are raised throughout the community about the video on social media of the arrest of Larry Jones the LaFollette Police Department has released the official report. (Full Copy of Report in Photos Below)

Shortly after 9PM LaFollette Police Officer Monty Miller was dispatched to the area near The Harbor Church on a welfare check of Larry Jones. He was dispatched as someone had dropped Jones off at The Harbor but the caller realized that the church was closed and locked.

Upon arrival Officer Miller rolled down his window and identified himself to Jones, inquiring if Jones was alright. According to the report Jones began cursing Officer Miller and told him to leave him (expletive deleted) alone. The report states Jones then began walking towards the four lane and yelling that he was (expletive deleted) over it.

According to the report Officer Miller then maneuvered his car between Jones and the four lane. Officer Miller then stepped out of his patrol car and asked Jones to calm down and talk to him. At this point the report states that Jones began screaming and cursing as well as moving towards Officer Miller.

Miller then stated that Jones put his arm behind his back and pointed it straight up yelling, “I will (expletive deleted) shoot you” and “I’m going to kill you”. Officer Miller then drew his side are and ordered Jones to drop his weapon. It then states Jones said, “I will (expletive deleted) kill you”. Miller determined that Jones was only making a gun gesture with his hand. Officer Miller holstered his sidearm and order Jones to the ground.

The report states Jones refused to comply and continued to advance towards Officer Miller and the four lane while continuing to curse. Officer Miller the OC sprayed Jones as he continued his advance. Officer Miller then stated that he used minimal force to take Jones to the ground to prevent Jones from reaching the four lane.

The report states Jones continued to resist during the handcuffing process and then refused to get in the police car. Jones was transported to the Campbell County Jail.