Deputy Corey Laxton was on patrol Sunday when he observed a vehicle with no license plate drivng on Indian River Road. Deputy Laxton also recognized the driver, Mark Pigg, 37 of LaFollette. Deputy Laxton had prior knowledge that Pigg’s driver’s license was suspended.

Deputy Laxton attempted to initiate a traffic stop but Pigg sped up and drove to his residence. As Deputy Laxton arrived at the residence he was met by Pigg’s mother, who is the homeowner. She gave Deputy Laxton consent to enter the home.

Deputies Laxton and Travis Bostic entered the home and made verbal contact with Pigg through the door. When asked his name Pigg confirmed who he was but refused the verbal command to open the door. The Deputies told Pigg that if he was attempting to shoot heroin that he was to put down the needle and open the door. Pigg refused to comply but stated that he would be out, “in just a second.”

When Pigg eventually opened the door he was detained and read his Miranda Rights. When asked why he would not open the door Pigg stated that he had just returned from Knoxville with some heroin. When asked why he refused to comply and open the door Pigg went on to state that he attempted to evade the pursuit because he was sick and wanted to get home and shoot up the heroin.

Pigg was transported to the county jail. He is charged with Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, Destruction of Evidence, Resist Stop Frisk Halt Search, Driving While Revoked/Suspended, Violation of Tennessee Registration Law. This is his 16th booking in the county jail.