Alicia Partin was attempting to eat lunch at McDonald’s Wednesday morning when someone attempted to steal her car. According to the report Jacksboro Police Sergeant Pam Jarrett Raven Roberts took Partin’s keys from her tray unbeknownst to the victim. Roberts then got in Partin’s car, a 2008 Hyundai, and started to back out. Roberts did not have permission to take the car.

The victim went out and made contact with Roberts and stopped her from backing out. Roberts claimed that she had a male friend with her in the car and they were going to Walmart. No male was on scene and the video surveillance of the property never showed a make subject upon its review. Roberts was also described as unsteady n her feet and very confused. The report states that Roberts was believed to be under the influence of some manner of controlled substance. The reports states that Roberts continued to make statements about things that did not occur during the incident. Roberts also informed Jarrett that she was three months pregnant.

Jarrett placed Roberts under arrest and charged her with Pubic Intoxication and Attempted Theft of Property Over $1,000.