On Saturday morning Deputy Gary Jeffers was told by a witness that Brittani Carr was assaulted by her boyfriend, Emory Wayne Saylor.

When interviewed Carr told Deputy Jeffers that she woke up to Saylor screaming at her and accusing her of taking his car keys and money. She went on to say that it escalated to Saylor pulling her hair and hitting her in the face. She made it to the driveway where Saylor continued to hit her. A passerby witnessed this and yelled for Saylor to stop. According to the report Deputy Jeffers observed that Carr was bleeding from her lip.

Deputy Jeffers went to Saylor’s residence and knocked on the door. He was greeted with a yelling voice proclaiming, “I told you to stay away (expletive deleted) or I will beat you (expletive deleted)!” Saylor then opened the door with what the report describes as a bewildered look in his face. He told Deputy Jeffers that he thought he was yelling at some one else.

Saylor was taken into custody and transported to the Campbell County Jail. He is charged with Domestic Assault.

This is Saylor’s 14th booking into the county jail.