Senator Ken Yager brought along a special guest for his day in Campbell County as he spoke to the Rotary Club and toured the county libraries. Secretary of State Tre Hargett got to see the beauty of the area and meet some of the people who run our library system. Not only did they meet them they presented the CARES grant funds have been awarded to four local libraries to fund technology and purchase supplies. Senator Yager even went above and beyond that as he presented his own personal donations to the libraries to fund any other needs they may have

The pair started the day in the Gem City meeting with Jellico Mayor Dwight Osborne and Library Director Mark Tidwell at the Jellico Public Library. Then it was off to the southern portion of the county as they met with Lafollette Mayor Mike Stanfield and LaFollette Library Director Nancy Green before heading up to the LaFollette First Baptist Church to speak to the South Campbell County Rotary Club and eat lunch.

After lunch the library tour continued on down the road to the Jacksboro Library where Mayor June Forstner and Library Director Dan Gearing were on hand for the presentation.

The day ended in Caryville and Mayor Robert Stooksbury and Library Director Logan Birdsong. Birdsong told the Senator and Secretary how that Caryville was the only fully open library in the county at the moment and gave them an overview of all of the programs they do over the course of the year.

Yager spoke to the gathered crowd in Caryville about how important libraries were and how they were often times the true backbone of their communities.