The 600 dollar stimulus checks that were signed into law on Sunday have started to arrive in bank accounts around the nation. If you were eligible for the first stimulus in spring you should also be eligible for this payment.
At the request of President Trump, the House of Representatives voted Monday to increase the stimulus payment to 2,000 dollars per person plus 600 per minor dependent. That bill was then passed to the Senate.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer planned on bringing the bill up for a voice vote on the Senate floor. This up and down vote would have allowed the new provision to hit President Trump’s desk by tomorrow. However Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gaveled the Senate out of session after only 30 seconds, blocking the attempt at getting a vote.
McConnell fought hard earlier in the month to pass a relief bill with no new stimulus and no new unemployment, finally conceding to half the amount of the earlier stimulus when the two Georgia incumbent Republican Senate candidates began to struggle in the polls.
President Trump has this to say on Twitter today about his stimulus request after McConnell blocked the vote.
“Unless Republicans have a death wish, and it is also the right thing to do, they must approve the $2000 payments ASAP. $600 IS NOT ENOUGH!”
Trump has been very outspoken about the need to increase the stimulus package for American citizens. Especially as the yearly spending bill that was passed alongside the covid relief bill contained billions of dollars in foreign aid.
In a strange pairing, one of Trump’s strongest backers in the matter is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders and Trump, often at odds, agree on the $2000 dollar stimulus package. Sanders threatened to filibuster the senate on a defense spending bill through the New Years holiday if McConnell refuses to bring the 2000 dollar provision to the floor. This move would not allow the Senate to adjourn for the holidays.
A few Republicans in the Senate have expressed support of the bill. Both the Republican incumbents in the Georgia runoff have said they would vote “yes”. Marco Rubio, Florida Senator said he agreed with President Trump and he too would vote “yes.” Missouri Republican Josh Hawley would likely vote yes, as he too had teamed with Sanders in attempting to bring a 1200 dollar provision to the floor of the Senate. That was also killed by Leader McConnell.
Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said all Senate Democrats would vote yes. Both independent Senators have indicated the same. That means if actually brought to the floor at least 13 Republicans would have to say “yes” in order for Trump’s request to be fulfilled.
If passed and you have already received the 600 dollar check, a second 1400 dollar check or deposit would be made to you.