Anderson County authorities are seeking a suspect in a kidnapping and assault case. Over the weekend a deputy with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department was on nearby New Clear Branch Road, which runs from Rocky Top through Clinton, to meet with a victim that was reported to be beaten and kidnapped.

Upon meeting with the victim she stated she had escaped from a nearby residence where a male suspect had kidnapped and held her Friday. According to the report the victim was covered in bruises with one particularly fresh one on her head. The victim was also in fear of retaliation if she snitched on her attacker.

The deputy finally got her to talk with the promise of protection. The victim went on to describe how she was beaten and how her life was threatened at knife point on Friday. She stated that her life was threatened and that her alleged captor told her he could take her to Colorado and have her killed for the sum of $500. Her alleged captor also broke her cell phone on Saturday when she tried to call someone to come get her. The alleged captors mother gave the victim a sleeping pill and she escaped when they thought she was asleep.

The deputy traveled to the residence where the incident reportedly took place. The suspects mother told the deputy that he had just left with a friend. Upon a search of the home a black switchblade knife was located that matched the description that the victim gave of the knife that the suspect threatened her with,

The suspect is facing various charges including aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, and interfering with an emergency call.

The victim was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.