On Wednesday, September 9th, Campbell County Director of Schools Jennifer Fields was honored to host the Tennessee Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn and several of Schwinn’s members from Nashville on a school tour. This visit gave Director Fields the opportunity to brag on the hard work that has been implemented in the school system from both teachers and students along with very well received safety measures.

Director Fields started out taking questions from the Executive Director of Tennessee School Superintendents Dr. Dale Lynch and Dr. Robert Eby, the Vice Chair of the Tennessee Board of Education. One of the questions asked of Mrs. Fields was, “how they were able to get the school year kicked off so successfully?” Fields explained that many of the procedures put in place to begin classes August 5th and acclimate students and teachers to the modifications worked so well, especially on the elementary level, that the teachers requested the new guidelines stay in place as they received positive feedback. Especially in regards to the interactions in the morning and the end of day dismissals.

Interim LMS Principal April Melton helped walk the commissioner through the school along with Director Fields and other administrative staff to get a first hand visual of the classrooms and the interaction of the students within.

Alan Miller, an art teacher and Mary Wynn Arnold we’re only a couple of the classrooms the commissioner was able to visit during her time.

Commissioner Schwinn addresses the individuals present and Director Fields directly when she stated, “I’m thrilled to be here and we’ve talked a lot about getting out here to visit so I’m super excited to see what you all have done in this area to open up schools. Your Director brags on you all the time and I’ve heard such wonderful things from her about how great her team is and how wonderful this district is. I’m very happy to see it first hand.”

Director Fields went on to mention that LaFollette Middle School was chosen for the visit as it was on the ATSI (Additional Targeted Support and Improvement) list and within one year they were able to remove it from the list.