You will find this video the Times made yesterday at CCHS very interesting. If you ever wonder how safe a school bus loaded down with kids may be throughout the year this will put your mind at ease. The Tennessee Hwy Patrol does NOT PLAY and this is well worth the viewing time as it’s both interesting and educational. Officer John Pedigo goes into great detail explaining the how and why of each step which is very reassuring. They test everything and if it’s not 100% when inspected, it will be before students ever step foot in it again. Gives you strong faith in the systems provided by THP and how nothing gets past these checks and balances in regards to your child’s safety.
Below is the Official Policy of THP and the charge of their efforts to keep our student transportation top notch. Enjoy the very informative video.
It shall be the policy of the Department of Safety / Homeland Security – DOSHS to employ the Pupil Transportation Section to ensure that school children throughout the state are transported safely to and from school.
This Pupil Transportation Section shall be responsible for the training, and qualifying of employees as School Bus Inspectors. This Section is also responsible for overseeing all
school bus inspections and determining whether public school bus systems are in compliance with the safety requirements set forth in the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) and according to the rules established by the DOSHS.
This also includes vehicles used to transport children at Day Care systems throughout the state. The 3 Trooper Unit conducts on an average of 1800 school bus inspections a year.