The TSSAA set the 2020 high school rules and seasons for football and girls soccer today at a special called Board of Control meeting.
General Rules.
Coaches must complete free NFHS Covid-19 online course. Every coach in every school will be required to take the Covid-19 course.
Public address systems will make announcements to remind those in attendance to use masks and to social distance.
Frequent cleaning and sanitation is encouraged.
Concessions are discouraged but allowed.
Temperature check and screening/questionnaire shall apply to member bands, cheerleaders and student groups at the contests.
Member schools will require that all fans wear facial coverings at all times while on site (except for fans under 2 years of age) and maintain social distancing.
Temperature checks for players, coaches and all team personnel prior to practice. If temperature is 100.4 or greater, the person or persons must be sent home. Those individuals cannot return until a negative Covid-19 test or physician exam saying Covid-19 is not cause of their fever.
Each game, no coach, player or team personnel can compete or participate without a Covid-19 screening or questionnaire.
At each contest/school, Covid-19 symptoms lists must be posted prominently.
Players, coaches, personnel, and fans must have temperature check before entering the facility.
No scrimmages, jamborees or 7v7 with other teams are permitted.
Contests and locales where fans are in attendance, member schools are encouraged to limit fan attendance to a number that will allow for adequate physical and social distance.
Virtual Learning:
Students enrolled in virtual learning through their school system are eligible but individual systems ultimately decide if those students can play.
Season Dates:
Girls Soccer: Season to begin September 7th, extended regular season by two weeks. Girls season could also start August 10th if the Governor drops his Emergency order that is set to expire August 29th.
The adopted plan is a new hybrid plan along with what had been option 2. The hybrid aspect allows for a different start date if the Governor’s order expires early or is extended.
Assuming the emergency order expires August 29th.
Under option 2:
Contact practice will begin August 30
-The regular season will start on September 18
-Teams will play eight games in the regular season with the first week of the postseason canceled and replaced with the final regular season game
-Teams will disregard their current season schedule and the TSSAA will come up with a region schedule for teams to play
-Only the winner and runner-up of each region will make the postseason
-Teams that don’t make the postseason will have the option to play two additional games to help fill out their schedule
This option would see an 8 week regular season and a 4 week playoff.