On December 5th Deputy Zach Daugherty was dispatched to Shady Cove Road after reports of a disturbance. He made contact with Tommy Allen Ward, 55 of Caryville. Ward told Deputy Daugherty that the victim’s dog had caused a wreck in which his mailbox was struck.

Ward then claimed that the victim threatened him with a handgun before fleeing to his landlord’s house prior to Deputy Daugherty’s arrival on scene. Ward claimed that his 77 year old mother was outside and a witness to these events.

Deputy Daugherty then made contact with the victim, who was indeed at his landlord’s house. The victim came outside and told Daugherty that as he was walking to his landlord’s house that Ward was in an argument with someone in a blue truck before turning to yell at the victim. Ward claimed that the victim’s dog had caused an accident and that the victim owed him money for the broken mailbox. The victim then stated that Ward entered the road towards him while holding a hatchet and stating that, “I ought to split your head.” The victim then stated that he reached into his back pocket and claimed to have a gun. He told Deputy Daugherty that he did not actually have a gun and that he said that he did as he felt threatened. The report notes that Ward was standing in the road way flipping his middle finger at both the victim and Deputy Daugherty.

A witness also told deputy Daugherty that he witnessed, through a window in his home, Ward come into the roadway while wielding a hatchet. Deputy Daugherty also noticed that Ward’s speech was slurred and he had a strong odor of alcohol on him.

Based on the statements from both the victim and the witness that Ward was the primary aggressor. He placed him under arrest on the charge of Aggravated Assault and transported him to the county jail.