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Campbell County Arrests 2-26-13 through 2-27-13

Intakes & Releases from 2-26-2013 through 2-27-2013

Berry, Timothy Lee, Male, 27, Held, 139 Summer Road, LaFollette, TN

Johnson, Andrew Mitchell, Male, 25, Released, 3708 Lake City Hwy, Lake City, TN, Violation of probation.

Jones, Jason Robert, Male, 22, Held, 918 S. 8th Street, LaFollette, TN, Domestic Assault, Capias/Bench Warrant.

Lawson, Clarence Joey, Male, 42, Held, 26 S. Logan Street, Jellico, TN, Capias/Bench Warrant, Capias/Bench Warrant.

Mattie, Alletha Deanna, Female, 39, 211 W. Hemlock Street, LaFollette, TN, Theft of Property under $500.

Osborne, Danny Ray, Male, 40, Held, 4331 Hwy 1804, Williamsburg, KY, Capias/Bench Warrant, Violation of probation (Criminal Court).

Shears, Mary Sue, Female, 42, Held, 203 W. Walden Street, LaFollette, TN, Violation of probation (GS), Capias/Bench Warrant.

Sweat, Ryan Tanner, Male, 18, Released, 284 Paradise Lane, Caryville, TN, Possession of drug paraphernalia, Possession of sch. VI controlled substance.

Campbell County Arrests







Campbell County Sheriff’s Office

Intakes & Releases from 2-22-2013 through 2-25-2013

Anderson, Tommie L., Female, 31, 1995 Rocky Point Road, Williamsburg, KY, Held, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct.

Carr, Ricky Earl, Male, 25, 4811 North Hwy 25W, Duff, TN, Released, Capias/Bench Warrant.

Clark, Melissa Sue, Female, 25, 615 Mt. Paran Road, Jacksboro, TN, Released, Driving while suspended, improper display of tags.

Day, Michael Eugene, Male, 19, 214 Longmire Lane, LaFollette, TN, Held, Violation of Probation.

Gibbs, Anthony, Male, 30, 406 Enix Lane, Caryville, TN, Held, Domestic Assault, Assault, Vandalism.

Gross, Laura Nicole, Female, 34, 217 Abilene Circle, Caryville, TN, Held, Capias/Bench Warrant.

Harmon, Theresa Renee, Female, 41, 452 Newcomb Loop, Newcomb, TN, Released, Court imposed to serve time.

Henegar, Dustin Clyde, Male, 30, 185 Pack Street, Jacksboro, TN, Held, Secure – charge OR 1,000 cash, Secure – charge OR 500 cash.

Hensley, Donavan James, Male, 24, 105 Stone Mill Road, Jacksboro, TN, Released, Driving Under Influence,, Driving on revoked/ suspended 2hd, reckless driving, operating off road vehicle on highway.

Hurst, Lucas Eric, Male, 30, 715 Massachusetts Ave., LaFollette, TN, Held, Capias/Bench Warrant.


Campbell County Sheriff’s Office

Intakes & Releases 2-25-2013 through 2-26-2013

Johnson, Andrew Mitchell, Male, 25, Held, 3708 Lake City Hwy., Lake City, TN, Violation of Probation.

Rains, Gary M., Male, 39, Held, 106 Rich Lane, LaFollette, TN, Capias (Criminal Court).

Shipley, April B., Female, 43, Released, 116 Raymond Road, LaFollette, TN, Driving Under Influence, Driving While Suspended, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Silcox, Johnny Patton, Male, 49, Held, 197 East Elm Street, LaFollette, TN, Sch II in drug free school zone.

Sparks, Amanda Kay, Female, 28, Held, 198 McKayla Circle, Williamsburg, KY, Court imposed to serve time.

Spradlin, Anthony Nacale, Male, 23, Released, 117 Crown Point Lane, Jacksboro, TN, Driving While Suspended, Violation of TN Financial Law, Seatbelt Law.

Stephens, Rodney Merle, Male, 36, Released, 144 Crest View Lane, Jacksboro, TN, Threatening bodily harm – domestic assault – retaliation.

Strohl, Ronald Earl, Male, 31, Released, 193 North Circle Drive, Caryville, TN, Attachment for child support, Theft of property under $500.

Szymanski, Vincent William, Male, 32, Released, 310 West Hemlock Street, LaFollette, TN, Capias (Criminal Court).

Troutt, Jennifer Ellen, Female, 40, Released, 3234 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, TN, Forgery, Theft of property under $500.

Intake Records for 3-16-11

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Intake Records for 3-16-11

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Intake Records for 3-16-11

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