With budgets stretched beyond endurance, belts being tightened, and wallets clutched in an ever-tightening fist, many people are seeing the vacation as an unrealistic commodity.  There are many interesting and fun vacation destinations which prove to be not only entertaining, but easier on those strained budgets.  Please join us as we travel on less than a tankful to our neighboring state of Kentucky, and share with you the beauty, history, and sheer pleasure of Cumberland Falls State Park.

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In less than two hours travel time, the short trip to Corbin, KY will allow you to step back into a more relaxed atmosphere.  Gone are the hurried frenzies of our daily lives, as the very environment beckons one to slow the pace and enjoy the sheer beauty at hand.  The Cumberland River winds its way slowly through the mountains, making its way to the powerful and majestic Cumberland Falls, also called “The Niagra of the South”.  Not only are these falls located in the Cumberland Falls State Park, but they offer one of the most unique special attractions to be found…..moonbows during the full moon phase.  Also located less than a mile down river from Cumberland Falls are the majestic Eagle Falls.

Cumberland Falls State Park has no admission fee, and offers a wealth of history and enjoyment.  Accommodations include the DuPont Lodge, cabin rentals, RV camping, and traditional camping.  The rates for these amenities are very reasonable, and the service is excellent, while the views are unforgettable.  The cabins are fully furnished, including linens, dishes, and cookware. Most cabins also boast wood burning fireplaces. The DuPont Lodge offers rooms, suites, and hosts the Riverside Café – an excellent and very affordable restaurant overlooking the Cumberland River.  The Lodge also offers a game room, complete with board and card games for guests to check out at no cost.  Once a month, there is a Star Party – free of charge – where guests (and the public) may learn about the constellations and planets, and then view them through the telescope – it is an amazing adventure!!!  There is also a gift shop located near the falls.

Cumberland Falls State Park has something to offer everyone, and is a rich, natural resource which is breathtakingly powerful and beautiful.  Rich in history and majesty, it is a trip worth taking, whether for a single day’s outing, or for a weekend retreat.  Just remember that it is natural environment, and home to black bears, so the hiker or camper will want to familiarize himself with the federal and state regulations for bear spray, etc.

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