Ladies, sit down here with me and let’s have one more chat about this so-called War on Women. Before we start, help yourself to a few of my Double Dipped Dark Chocolate Bon Bons and a cup of coffee.

Now, for weeks on end, I’ve heard nothing but talk about this War On Women. What really got my dander up was a speech, given at the Democratic Convention by this woman, who has become a pseudo celebrity and she stood up at that convention and yammered on about how the Republicans are deliberately waging this war on women because they, the Republicans don’t want to pay for her birth control.

I did some research regarding the young woman and did you know that she is almost thirty years old and a law student and she’s complaining that she’s entitled to have her birth control paid for by the taxpayers? What has this world come to when we, as women, know darn right well that she pays more for her unmentionables that it cost her to pay for her own contraceptives! Maybe this woman needs to review some history and realize that if things had not been changed by women, she would have never seen the inside of a university. Women, for years weren’t even considered for Law or Medical Schools. For that matter, it was considered a waste for women to even attend high school.

War on Women! What in tarnation, does she know about that? She can vote because women fought for that right. She’s now entitled to many things because other women took responsibility for themselves and marched, stood together, did without, went to jail, lived years without being given credit for all the work and contributions they made to WWI and WWII, have worked for years being paid less for their work than men. Does she even have a clue that it wasn’t until 1920 and the 19th Amendment that allowed women to vote?

She doesn’t realize that it hasn’t been too long before there were laws enacted regarding Domestic Violence. Before that time, when police were called and a woman was found abused, the police just walked away as they told the couple that they needed to calm down and work their problems out. There were no Women’s Shelters and laws to protect women from the violence. And for years, when a man killed his wife, in most cases, it was regarded and Involuntary Manslaughter, and they served a few years in prison. But, if a woman killed her husband, is was Murder One and she would spend the rest of her life in prison!

It took years to get Maternity Leave so a woman to be able to come back to her job. Before that, if a woman got pregnant, she was let go. And it took many more years to get laws regarding Sexual Harassment because before that happened, women had to endure all manner of slurs and remarks just to keep their jobs. And even with the laws, it still goes on to this day.

Have any of us forgotten what happened when Elan Bobbit did a bit of surgery on her cheating, wife-beating husband? She threw the removed piece of his anatomy out of her car window as she drove down the highway and when she told the police, there were more men out searching for it than you could count. And yet, it takes hours to get enough people to get out and look for a missing child!

Young women are not entitled to have children they can’t take care of and someone needs to remind these young women that you don’t have a child because you want someone to love you. You have a child because you want to love and raise that child under the best possible conditions. I don’t know what I would do these days, but I suspect that I would be giving my daughters some type of Birth Control each day and telling them that it was a vitamin!

Do any of you realize that almost 50% of teenagers are having sex? And after all that’s been written, said, and shown about how difficult it is to have a baby, when you’re still a baby, young girls are not getting the message! And of course, young boys don’t have a clue, they just have an urge! Yes, the Double Standard is alive and well because if a young woman gets pregnant, she’s an irresponsible tramp and the young man is a stud muffin.

And these Right to Life People need to do something about the fact that in this world, one child between the ages of one and four, dies every four seconds. Did you know that the United States has the worst record of any Industrialized Nation when it comes to the death of children between the ages of one and four? And why don’t some of these Right to Life folks, adopt American children, instead of all these children from other countries? It seems that until we can solve the problem of unwanted children in this country, we don’t have a clue how to solve it in any other country!

Maybe much of this business regarding the War on Women got its start with too many preachers of any faith, believing that just because God created a man before he did a woman, that man is superior. Well, maybe God created a woman after He did a man because He realized, that He had not created what the world needed in order to survive.

It’s just a matter of learning . . . unlearning . . . and . . . relearning.