Darlings, we have been blessed this year with an Autumn that is just absolutely spectacular. Almost everywhere you look, the trees are displaying brilliant colors that I haven’t seen for ages. And as the week has gone on, the leaves are falling and it’s beautiful.

Of course, it’s only a few days now until Halloween, the end of daylight-saving time, and Election Day. Personally, I’ll be glad when all these elections are over because they’re enough to wear a person out! It’s got me so muddled I can’t decided if I want to make some double-dipped chocolate donuts or some chocolate nut brownie bread. So, I’ve made them both and the folks coming to the General Store seem to be glad that I can’t make up my mind.

Then, as I watch the goings on with our County Commission, I feel that not only our government in Washington, D.C., but our county government has grown too large and are not really paying attention to the future.

The future is a strange thing when you think about it because it seems that too many folks don’t look ahead, do they? It’s like Social Security that was never meant to be your only retirement money but a supplement to what you had saved for retirement. Those who run the Postal Service in this country didn’t look ahead and realize what computers and E-Mail would do to that organization, did they? And I guess that many American Workers didn’t realize that with their demands for higher wages and bigger pensions that so much manufacturing would go to other countries, did they? And it’s for sure, that for years our Federal Government hasn’t done a thing to stop the almost 500 billion dollars worth of fraud that it destroying Medicare!

It’s a fact, that the future doesn’t take care of itself, it’s up to us to take care of the future and that seems to be a responsibility that not too many folks want to take on. And that is why I don’t know if things will change, until we make a change, do you? Change is a hard thing for many folks, especially here in Campbell County. I guess that change represents an insecurity that they don’t want to deal with. So, too many of us just let things go on and try to keep things just the way they’ve been for years. How is that working out for us?

The drug problem is not getting any smaller and if I had my way, there would not be a pain clinic allowed in the State of Tennessee and medication that begins with OXY would be only given to patients who are terminal! And these Meth Makers would not be out on probation and re-offending. They’d be cleaning up the highways and all these meth houses as a part of their rehabilitation and incarceration! There are several other things I’d suggest should happen to so many of these criminals in prison across this country but that would be too severe to inflict on you gentle folk.

I know, I’m old and I’m inclined to be cranky, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look ahead and see what could be possible in the future, does it? In the future, what is known as the Postal Service will be almost gone, you will not use checks to pay your bills, that will be taken over with Direct Deposit, bills paid on line, and cash will be on your Debit Card. Laser Surgery will be almost the only form of surgery, and you will not really see many more Family Doctors. You’ll just walk through a Medical Scanner and when you come out on the other side, you’ll have a diagnosis and everything else.

You will not see many clerks in grocery stores or other places because you will check yourself out. All these things will happen in the future along with many other things that now, seems hard to imagine. I’ve heard tell that in less than ten years, there will be no real movie stars and such, it will all be computer generated actors. And do you think that accountants haven’t felt the pinch since the birth of a computer application known as Turbo Tax?

But remember this, with all that will change in the future, you will look out of your window, as I did the other day, and see a tree that it glowing with yellow and red and you will realize what is essentially important; not the change; but how you adapt to the change. You either glory in the magnificence of what you are seeing or you just complain about the leaves on the ground.

It’s just matter of learning . . . unlearning . . . and . . . relearning.