Tuesday night, May 4th at 7pm is the monthly Campbell Outdoor Recreation Association (CORA) meeting at the Campbell County Courthouse. The public is always welcome and certainly invited to the May meeting. Please wear a mask and distance at 6 feet! This meeting will include an update on the Elk Tower ADA access and replacement plans.

The meeting will also serve at the Kick-Off meeting for the Campbell County Bicycle and Pedestrian Greenway Plan. The plan is intended to link Caryville, Jacksboro, LaFollette and Jellico with safe and accessible biking and walking paths and trails to create better recreation opportunities and more ways to work and school beyond simply driving a car.

The Mayor’s office staff applied for and received a planning grant to enlist a design firm to engineer and integrate routes, signage and any required construction. The firm is Gresham-Smith and they will present a public input survey at our kick-off meeting and explain the planning process in greater depth.

The survey will be available that night and distributed on my office facebook page, in libraries, on-line and provided to local media outlets.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to mark your calendars, attend and fill out the surveys beginning May 4th!