Nearly a year ago Billy Davis entered a guilty plea in federal court in a narcotics case. In the plea he admitted to possessing 500 grams of cocaine and that he was selling the drugs. Last week he withdrew that guilty plea in court last week. He is now in federal custody.

This stems from a lengthy investigation that started in late 2018. Davis was first taken into custody in March 2019. Davis was pulled over and a search of his vehicle yielded a small amount of marijuana and a large amount of cash. In that cash was $960 of marked funds that were used in controlled buys of drugs by the drug task force. The task force later searched the home of Davis where they found cocaine, a digital scale, ledgers, and firearms.

Davis was one of eleven people charged over the course of this investigation. Davis was charged with a single count of conspiring to distribute and process with the intent to distribute a schedule II controlled substance (Cocaine) in the amount of .5 kilograms or more.