On Monday afternoon Margo White-Oden, 32 years of age of Rocky Top, was involved in a crash on Norris Freeway. According to the report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol the crash occurred slightly before 5 PM. The report indicates that White-Oden was travelling south in a 2014 Nissan Altima when she failed to maintain her lane and struck a large tree. The Altima eventually came to an uncontrolled rest over an embankment. In addition to the driver there were three juveniles in the vehicle.

White-Oden was arrested at the University of Tennessee Medical center is now facing a variety of charges. These charges include three counts of Haley’s Law, three cunts of vehicular assault, DUI, two violations of the seatbelt law, failure to maintain lane, no drivers license, and violation of the Tennessee Financial Law.

Haley’s law was named after Haley Spicer, who as an infant was a victim of horrific abuse. Haley’s Law constitutes aggravated child abuse or aggravated child neglect.