From the Great Smoky Mountains comes a horror movie unlike any other this Halloween Season. And the movie is all about the mid-south, to boot: It is based on actual events that took place in the Great Smoky Mountains, it was shot in its entirety in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, it stars a cast that resides in Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia, and its main antagonist is based on a Smoky Mountain Cherokee legend. The crew that filmed, wrote and produced the movie is based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and the music comes from artists based in a bevy of towns: Knoxville, Maryville, Ashville, Toledo, and Gatlinburg.

The main couple, the female lead from Mississippi and her boyfriend from Baltimore, both now live in East Tennessee. They decide to go on a 3 day hike near the Road to Nowhere in Bryson City, NC. From there, the likable couple finds evidence of possible criminal activity scattered throughout the woods, and before they realize that they themselves are in trouble, they are surrounded by a group of intimidating strangers whose motives remain unclear. This movie is best described as a genre-buster and has something for everyone: horror, mystery, comedy, romance, survival, thriller, Furries, pro wrestling, judo, an Elvis Impersonator, a Sacrifice, amazing natural beauty and the longest 4 person fight scene in cinematic history.

The movie is being picked up for a world wide release, and it is the first movie for Big N Funky Productions, which has previously focused on creating paranormal television and comedy skits. The lack of theatrical productions due to the covid pandemic was all the motivation the crew needed to get started on the movie that they had been sitting on for a year.

On October 16th, the movie will be part of “Halloween at Halls” movie celebration at Halls Cinema 7. Among other things, people that attend this event will be able to see the movie’s TEST screening, where the audience can choose between two different endings, can get movie merchandise, participate in a costume contest, receive prizes and watch Child’s Play 2.

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Theatrical Trailer: The Hike (2020 Movie) Full Theatrical Trailer

The Hike (2020 Movie) Full Theatrical Trailer