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Lady Eagles and Owls Come Out on Top in Battle of the Birds

It is a storied rivalry that exists between Jacksboro and LaFollette Middle Schools.  It dates all the way back to the days when they were high schools.  In football former Eagle coach Rodney Ellison dubbed the game The Egg Bowl and started the tradition of a traveling trophy.  Recently David Graham dubbed the basketball game The Battle of the Birds.  The name has stuck.  Though there is no traveling trophy to be competed for in this version of the rivalry it is no less heated.

The LaFollette Owls cheerleaders entertain the crowd at The Battle of the Birds.

The teams recently met in the Jim and Linda Agee Gymnasium at Jacksboro Middle School for their second battle of the season.  The capacity crowd saw a pair of action packed varsity contests that saw the Lady Eagles continue a dominating season by picking up a hard fought win against the Lady Owls by a score of 35-31.  The Lady Eagles achieved a rare sweep of the Lady Owls in this win.  Both teams had a balanced scoring attack.

The Lady Eagles and Lady Owls battle for a loose ball.

Olivia Brown led the Lady Eagles with 10 points.  Krista Williams had 8 points and Whitney Williamson added 7.  Brooke Bane and Michaela Smith each had 4 points and Courtney Charles rounded out the scoring with 2.

Faith Evans was the scoring leader for the Lady Owls with 10 points of her own.  Others scoring for LaFollette were Amber Guy (8), Kendra King (7), and Sissy Bailey (6).

On the Boys side The Owls picked up a win over the Eagles to even their series for the year at one win each.  The Owls picked up the win by a score of 31-25.  An offensive explosion on the part of Rolston Letner and Dakota Dossett provided the Owls with a good hunk of their points.  Things weren’t all bad for the Eagles as Darin Gillenwater put on an offensive show for the Eagles.

Letner and Dossett led the Owls with 8 points each.  Andrew Evans had 7 points for the Owls.  Austin North had 4 points, Dallas Griffith had 3 and Ethan Jeffers chipped in a point.

Gillenwater led all scorers with a baker’s dozen points. Trey Torres added 7 for the Eagles.  Dylan Clawson had 3 points and Jesse Sharp had 2.

The Eagles and Owls could potentially meet again next week as the TMSAA Area 4 basketball tournament being hosted at LaFollette Middle School next week.  The fans will be the true winners if these teams meet on the hardwood again this year.

Homecoming Features Overtime Thrillers

Homecoming is always an exciting time in high school athletics.  During basketball season it usually happens in the midst of district play and features good match ups.  The Cougars hosted the Hardin Valley Academy Hawks and Lady Hawks on January 21st and the games certainly lived up to the moniker of exciting.  Both varsity contests led to games that were tied at the end of regulation.

Kristen Chapman makes a break down the floor on her way to scoring 14 points in an overtime win against the Lady hawks of Hardin Valley.

The Lady Cougars started put slow in the evening’s first varsity contest of the evening.  Things did not look good for the Lady Cougars earlier in the evening.  Cool shooting from the field had the Lady Hawks in a good position at halftime.  Apparently something Coach Ryan Browning said at halftime lit a fire under his team.  Kristen Chapman came out strong in the second half and scored all 14 of the points she had in the game.  The Lady Cougars were able to rally and erase an 11-point halftime deficit and hold the Lady Hawks shooters in check. When the buzzer sounded to end the final quarter of regulation the teams stood tied.  The Lady Cougars continued their domination in the overtime period to come away with a 40-37 win.

Chapman led all Lady Cougar scorers with her 14 second half points. Courtney Morris put 7 points of her own on the scoreboard, including a late game basket from beyond the three-point arc.  Shayla Goins had six points.  Both Courtney Miller and Hannah Owens added 4.  Amber Young rounded out the scoring with 3 points.

At halftime of the girls contest school history was made with the first ever tie for the school’s coveted Mr. Spirit Award.  T.J. Nelson and Garrett Reese split the 20011 honors to a rousing ovation from the Cougar Crazies and the other fans in attendance.

Lucas Nelson drives to the goal.

The Cougars seemed to have a tough act to follow after the second half heroics of their female counterparts.  They did not disappoint the crowd, as the game was close throughout the contest.  Though the Cougars trailed at the half they kept the game very tight.  By the end of the regulation the fans were on fire with excitement, the score was tied.  The overtime period was as close as regulation and would have gone into a second overtime period were it not for the highflying heroics of Nick Litton.  In addition to his team leading 25 points he blocked a late shot by the Hawks to put the final nail in their coffin.  Litton and teammate Lucas Nelson had all of the points for the Cougars in the overtime frame.

Litton led all scorers with his 25 points.  Nelson had 18 points in the game.  Other Cougars with points were Ethan Simpson and Dylan Stanfield each contributed 8 points, Corey Poteet had 6, Jordan Kindred 4, and Gunner St. John and Brandon Lee each had 3.

After the game Haley Williams crowned Kira Dash the 2011 Basketball Homecoming queen.  Her court consisted of Mishonda Monday, Felicia Massengill, Courtney Miller and Savannah Ward.

CCHS 2011 Basketball Homecoming Queen Kira Dash, escorted by Aaron Brown.

2011 Senior Basketball Homecoming Princess Savannah Ward, escorted by Sam Arnold.

2011 Junior Basketball Homecoming Princess Courtney Miller, escorted by Tyler Chapman.

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2011 Sophomore Homecoming Princess Felicia Massengill, escorted by Jordan Kindred.

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2011 Freshman Basketball Homecoming Princess Mishonda Monday, escorted by Jeffery Herrell. All Homecoming Court pictures by Kaela Peel.

Pat’s Place is Back!

Well I have to be honest I never thought I would be doing this again.  Around five years ago I wrote what I thought would be my final personal column for the Volunteer Times.  I had lost the only job I ever really loved as the paper shut its doors.

I had a hard time giving it up.  I looked into starting my own sports only with another former Times employee but the start up cost was well beyond what we could muster.  My next option was a sports only website, which had some modest success.  But as the economy turned south my lack of being a salesperson really put a pinch on it, as I wasn’t making enough money to keep it going strong.  Today the site is there but exists mainly as a slightly used message board.

Patrick Pebley

I had consigned myself to being an announcer for Jacksboro Middle School and had thought about even getting my whistle out and going back into coaching.  Don’t get me wrong I like both of those things but there is just something about being the guy who covers sports that I truly love.

Fortunately for me I have a Droid and I am a Facebook addict.  Now I know you are all wondering what that has to do with anything so let me explain.  I was on former Times publisher Kelli Jo’s profile and saw something that made me dance.  In a very cryptic fashion she had just announced the Times was returning.  My friend John almost wrecked because I was dancing so hard and frankly if any of you have been unfortunate enough to see me dance it is like a 300 pound frog in a blender.

I am thrilled to have another chance at the whole sports editor gig and I am even more thrilled it is once again for THE VOLUNTEER TIMES!  I promise you won’t be disappointed because I plan to throw everything into it.  I have several features in the work and I plan to cover as many different sports as I can.

Now I need to use some of this column to thank several people who got me to this point.  First off I must thank Jason Davis.  Without him I doubt I would have ever even tried my hand at sports writing and I know I would have never attempted any sort of photography.  He started me down this wild and crazy path and for that I am indebted to him.

Original Times editor Gregg MacDonald taught me much about the newspaper industry in general.  I really think he saw something in me and always helped to fan the fire. The same can be said of Charles “Boomer” Winfrey who always had pearls of wisdom to drop upon me.

Rex Hickey was always there for me.  We had such a history that between coaching and writing I could never go into it all.  He was always there to help when I needed it.  It didn’t matter if I need help covering something, general layout advise, or even help of a spiritual nature he was there.  His battle with cancer continues to inspire me and I hope he continues to kick cancer’s butt.

Finally I must thank Kelli Jo Wright.  She apparently had enough faith in me to turn over an entire section of her newspaper to me and let me run with it.  I still have my first check stub as sports editor because of the kind message she wrote me.  She apparently still has some faith in me because she is about to turn me loose again.  I plan on taking sports even further with this chance.

So sports fans get ready I have many unique things in store for you.  Coaches get ready to see a lot of me because I want to have total coverage.  Politicians who have an anti sports agenda beware because unlike Perfect Pat the wrestler I do not pull my punches.  Strap in folks it is going to be a wild and fun ride.

NWTF, RMEF and CORA Help Families in Need During the Holidays

Much like carolers on Christmas Eve, hunters all over North America brought cheer to homes during the recent holiday season.

Through the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Turkey Hunters Care outreach program, hunters across America distributed  tens of thousands of frozen, domesticated turkeys to families in need throughout North America.

“The Turkey Hunters Care program is one way that we, as hunters, can lend a helping hand,” said NWTF CEO George Thornton. “The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are times for counting blessings and giving gifts. It’s the perfect time for NWTF volunteers to ensure that our neighbors enjoy the holidays.”

Last year, NWTF chapters in 43 states and two Canadian provinces provided more than 134,000 meals to families in need. In many cases, the gift included stuffing mix, potatoes, bread and dessert.

Since Turkey Hunters Care began in 2001, NWTF volunteers and partners have donated 113,159 turkeys – or nearly 680,000 meals – to families in need across North America.

The local chapter of the NWTF, Pine Mountain Longbeards, along with Royal Blue RMEF and Campbell Outdoor Recreation Association (CORA) took part in the program this year.  The chapter raised money to distribute turkeys and complete holiday meals to 30 local families.  Needy families were selected with help from CHET. This year’s program was a huge success and plans are underway to at least double the families for next year.

Founded in 1973, the NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

Through dynamic partnerships with state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and its members have helped restore wild turkey populations across the country, spending more than $331 million to conserve 15.9 million acres of habitat for all types of wildlife.

The NWTF works to increase interest in the outdoors by bringing new hunters and conservationists into the fold through outdoor education events and its outreach programs – Women in the Outdoors, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, JAKES and Xtreme JAKES.

You can become a part of this community service by joining your local chapter of the NWTF.  Campbell County’s annual fundraising event banquet will be held March 12th, 2011 at Ball Farm Event Center in LaFollette.  A portion of the proceeds from this event are used for the Turkey Hunters Care Program as well as our annual Handicapped Turkey Hunt.  Men, women and children of all ages are invited to attend.