For several weeks Campbell County held steady with no known active cases of Covid-19 and total case count in the high teens.

Now 22 people have tested positive in the county for Covid-19, right now 21 of those cases have ran their course with one death and 20 recoveries. One person has an active case currently.

However PCR testing results are now available for Campbell County, these can be recovered patients who still test positive for trace amounts of Covid-19 as PCR testing finds minute traces of RNA and converts it to DNA for testing purposes. These trace amounts of Covid-19 are detectable for up to two months after recovery. The state lists 27 such positives in Campbell County. So it’s likely that some of the recovered patients are still testing positive for the virus.

In the state there are 28,924 confirmed cases that were found while Covid-19 was active in the person and over 33,000 total PCR positive tests.

Experts say it is most likely not contagious in the post recovery stages but that isn’t 100 percent known yet since Covid-19 is a novel virus and all findings in humans are new science.