With Governor Bill Lee’s latest executive order extending the state of emergency many citizens have been wondering how said order will affect the reopening of the Campbell County School System.

The Times reached out to Director of Campbell County Schools Jennifer Fields who said, “I don’t think it will affect it at all. We will have health and safety measures in place and try to keep things as close to the new normal as possible. I will be releasing our reopening plan after our final planning meeting on July 7.

Our students need the social and emotional safeguards provided in a school setting. Students who are served through IDEA need the learning assistance and intervention provided through those services and that cannot not be adequately provided if they are not in school.

In the event the governor does call for another closure, we will be prepared to provide instruction to our students through online instruction by making each parking lot at each school location an internet hotspot for parents and students to visit and if they do not have adequate internet access. The CARES Act funding, once it has been released, will be used to fund that service.”