Much like the Wine Fairies grew out of the COVID 19 pandemic the Dust of Hope Mission Grew out of the Wine Fairies. Shortly after the original group started the founders of the Wine Fairies saw that they could serve a greater purpose.

This recently led to a friendly competition between the group members that lived in Campbell County and the ones that lived in neighboring Anderson County. They decided they would have a food drive to feed folks in need.

Feed them they did as boxes began popping up at local businesses throughout the two counties. Over 4,000 items were donated to feed those in need. To date the Dust of Hope Mission has fed over 40 families in Anderson, Campbell, and even Knox Counties.

Group founder Kim Derry Leonard was pleased with her team’s efforts and has stated they are not stopping here. She said, ” I won’t stop. God has opened these doors. I will follow.”

The group has more community outreach events planned including a supply drive for babies that is currently ongoing.