Dear Editor:

I moved here in 1991 so I do not know the ins and outs of local kinships and relations. It appears I see a local family connection and the new I Hate Meth movement. There seems to have been an award of a tax free status for the I Hate Meth association. There also seems to have been some land donated from the local family group to the I Hate Meth group. Also donations have been requested for improvement of this land upon which the land nor the improvements will be obligated to pay taxes. These donations will be used to substantially increase the value of the land by the use of donations. Also, some of the people related to the I Hate Meth group has police records for making and selling meth. Interesting local machinations: organize an association standing against something evil, get a tax free status, put some of your own land into this organization, request donations to improve the value of that land, and make a fortune from the donations and the land improvements. And people think us hillbilly’s are dumb.

Jerry Kidd
LaFollette, TN