On May 14, 2020 the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a report of theft in the Coolidge area. Deputy Jonathon Bruce arrived at the residence of Patricia Swinski at 1015 Coolidge Rd. At this time, Deputy Bruce took a report from Wilma Turner regarding the theft of several items from the victim’s garage, many of which belonged to her late husband and were of sentimental value. The victim reported that a possible suspect, Adam Leach, lived in the neighborhood.
After completion of the report, the case was assigned to Detective Sergeant Josh Goins of the Sheriff’s Office. As

Det. Sgt. Goins completed his investigation, he found the reported suspect, Danial Adam Leach, had several active warrants ranging from Violation of Probation to additional charges of Theft of Property under $999.99. Det. Sgt. Goins and Det. Sgt. Gary Jeffers went to the suspect’s residence at 942 Coolidge Rd to interview the suspect. As the detectives exited their vehicle and announced their presence as employees of the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect attempted to flee. However, the suspect did respond to verbal commands and was taken into custody for the active warrants.

After being advised of his Miranda Rights, Mr. Leach agreed to a recorded interview. During the interview, Mr. Leach confessed to breaking into the garage of Ms. Swinski and taking the items reported to Deputy Bruce on May 14, 2020. Mr. Leach was booked into the Campbell County Jail on June 09, 2020 on the outstanding warrants and theft charges relating to the burglary at Ms. Swinski’s residence.

“I would like to commend Detective Sergeant Josh Goins, Detective Sergeant Gary Jeffers, and Deputy Jonathon Bruce. This case is a great example of how the divisions in our department work together to bring solutions to crimes in our community. I would also like to commend our Detective Division on a job well done. We do not give enough credit to our detectives who work diligently on the cases assigned to them. Many cases have little to no evidence to follow up on. However, our detectives use every avenue available to them and work tirelessly—often being forced to work odd hours or being called away from their family—to clear the cases they are assigned. Ms. Swinski’s items were not of huge monetary value but they were of irreplaceable sentimental value. Our department recognizes that every case is important to the victim, regardless of perceived value,” Sheriff Robbie Goins