On June 12, 2020, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office executed a second narcotics search warrant at the residence of Randy Douglas Lowe, DOB 03/02/1959, located at 410 Pleasant Drive in Lafollette. A citizen complaint sparked a months long investigation that resulted in securing the initial search warrant executed on May 26, 2020. Following the first search warrant, investigators revealed the continued sale of Schedule II controlled substances from the residence.

While executing the search warrant on June 12, 2020, Mr. Lowe’s cell phone rang. After obtaining permission to answer the phone call from Mr. Lowe, investigators answered the call and spoke with a female requesting to sell a quantity of Xanax—a Schedule IV controlled substance. The female offered to sell 10 pills at $8.00 per pill. Investigators made arrangements to meet with the female to complete the illegal narcotics transaction. Upon arrival of the described vehicle at the agreed upon meeting place, the suspect approached the undercover investigator to complete the narcotics purchase. At this time, Sergeant Joe Hopson and Lieutenant Mallory Campbell exited the vehicle and identified themselves as Sheriff’s Office employees. The suspect was given her Miranda Rights and agreed to complete an interview with Captain John Long. During the course of this interview, the suspect was identified as Rebecca Lynn Bolton. Ms. Bolton admitted to attempting to sell Xanax to the undercover agents. Ms. Bolton also admitted that she was planning to meet an unnamed individual with the intent to obtain money to purchase half of an Opana pill—a Schedule II controlled substance. A quantity of Xanax was found in the pocket of Ms. Bolton that had been filled at a pharmacy on 06-12-2020.

Rebecca Lynn Bolton was booked into the Campbell County Jail on June 12, 2020 on charges for possession of with the attempt to sell a controlled substance. In reference to the search warrant executed at 410 Pleasant Drive, investigators expect that charges are likely based on the evidence collected and previous buys of narcotics from the residence.

“As I have stated many times, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is committed to drug enforcement. Selling drugs is against the law and we will enforce the law. Mr. Lowe thought he was safe to continue to break the law and that is not the case. I want to thank the deputies that were involved in executing this search warrant and for their willingness to continue the investigation into the sale of narcotics when approached by Ms. Bolton. This again was a multi-divisional effort with Lieutenant John Long and Detective Sergeant Gary Jeffers from the Sheriff’s Office Detective Division, Lieutenant Mallory Campbell from the Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division, Sergeant Joe Hopson, Sergeant Josh Jeffers, and Deputy James McCall from the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division,”Sheriff Robbie Goins.