I am used to writing a farewell column to the senior athletes of the COugar Nation. I am not used to doing it in April without seeing a single one of them in action. As we all now the Coronapocalypse has ended the school year, spring sports and even the TSSAA Basketball tournament (which the TSSAA hoped to resume if the madness subsided before the end of the school year).

This means so many of our senior athletes will not get their last hurrah. They are likely not getting a prom or military ball. They are not going to get a senior night or end of the season banquet. Worst of all they are missing out on some of the memories they should be making to cherish for a lifetime.

I spend a lot of time covering and getting to know these athletes. It is one of the best and most rewarding parts of my job. I have made many great friends over the years out of these athletes.

Now the Class of 2020 has had all this ripped away from them. So I feel like I have to do something for them that is above and beyond.

After all the sequestering is over I am going to throw a bash for the senior spring athletes of 2020. I have already talked preliminarily to my cousin Keith who happens to be the master smoker and chef behind KP’s BBQ. Now I am willing to do this by myself if necessary, it is the least I can do for these senior athletes. But if any other business or elected official or even private citizen wants to jump in and make this even bigger please feel free to contact me and lets send this group of Cougars out with something special.