I’m a visitor to this beautiful mountain town. I decided to church close to where me and my family was staying. It was a quaint little Baptist church out in the country. I hate to say it, but it was far from a pleasant experience. I consider myself a Christian and try to not be judgmental, but this church was quite the opposite. I came into overhearing the tail end of a Sunday school lesson in the main sanctuary where the teacher was telling the class Catholics worship the Pope, and Mary. One comment was that the Pope may actually be the anti-Christ. I have Catholic friends and these views are so far off base. Move to he main sermon and the pastor was talking about homo-sexuality. I’m against homosexuality, but he was harsh and almost violent about it. Where is love the person hate the sin? I was quite put off. The people were friendly to the visitors, but seemed hostile to beliefs differing a little from there on. Later that week I was fishing and started talking to someone that attended one of those Baptist country churches. I was joking about having a beer after a hard day fishing and he told me that was a sin. He said drinking alcohol was a sin. I asked him what he thought Jesus drank grape juice? He said it wasn’t wine. I’m sorry, but that is one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard. The Bible tells to not drink in excess, but I’m sorry to bring reality to some, but Jesus did drink and even make wine. Sorry, but that was my first and last visit to the country church. I don’t believe in compromising your principal, but some people should read the Bible for themselves, and learn about other faiths not here say, some one tries to teach you.

Robert Simpson
Cleveland, Ohio