Dear Editor,
I would like to take this chance to welcome Billie Jo Ralston as the new theatre teacher at CCHS. With the new teacher and renovations to the theatre I’m excited for the kids at CCHS to get this opportunity. I do hope the business and community alike will show their support. It is hard to do any production and no teacher alone should have to bear that burden. They have a full time job and a family to do a theatrical good theatrical production on top of that is a monumental task. Most people who have only viewed a play don’t realize the amount of hours in rehearsing, and building a set. The young actors need a lot of guidance and help, more than can come during one class period a day. I do hope all the community will rally behind and give a helping hand, by either showing up for the show, or donating time to help re-build the theatre department from props, to costumes, to the set. Let’s support Billie Jo and let her grow the theatre department into something we can all be proud of. Theatre is one of my fondest memories of high school. I’m glad so many kids will have the chance at an experience like I had.
Joe Muse