Wednesday morning saw the culmination of a labor of love. Valley View Elementary School got their new playground, The Bobcat Den. The new addition was the brainchild of 1st District School Board Member Jeffery Miller. Miller and a coalition of the Valley View faculty and staff, the community, and local businesses moved the dirt and raised the funds to make The Bobcat Den a reality.

The playground is designed for all levels of elementary school children with a wide variety of play activities. In addition the ground surrounding it is covered with a foot of a specially engineered mulch to reduce the chances of falling injuries.

A number of school officials including Miller’s fellow 1st District School Board member Lisa Fields, VVES Principal Jason Dotson and his teachers, Director of Schools Jennifer Fields and her staff were all in attendance for the unveiling. Most importantly a group of students who are attending summer school were there to break the playground in.

The project totalled $60,000 dollars in equipment and labor. These funds were raised by the valley View Parent Teacher Organization to go with the funds provided by the Campbell County Board of Education. In addition to the new playground a new sign painted by artist Gale Hinton greats students to their play area.

Dotson and Miller both spoke of their pride in the playground, their school, and their community. It is their hope the playground will be a symbol of pride for the community and enjoyment for the students for years to come.